Evolving Narrative Residency @ Klangmanifeste !

UPDATE The residency was postponed…but please check out the festival’s concert program online : >>> LIVESTREAM






During the « Evolving Narrative Residency » program at the Klangmanifeste festival, in Vienna, I will have the honor to collaborate with Ryoko Akama, Norbert Math and Michele Seffino by playing around with electronics, kinetic installation and strings !

But before, a quick stop at Pix Film Productions to performed with my ongoing project « Resonances Induites » on March 17th.

… and a sneak preview will be tempted, in collaboration with Florence Garneau (saxophonist), Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin (voice) and Charline Dally (digital synthesis and analog video) during Women-tronics event on March 8th.

A big thank you to Madi Piller for making this possible !